The Glamour of Singapore Food Festivals

For many years now, Singapore has been hosting food festivals on an annual basis. With this culture already in place, every year comes with new dishes and an increase in the number of participants. In addition, guests get to enjoy the Singapore’s culture at its best. It is from these festivals that the world gets to taste the real culture and diversity of the country’s dishes.

The festivals happen in the mid months of every year. In 2016, Singapore Food Festivals were held in July and had many new dishes from diverse cultures. For each year, the festivals have a theme, which aim at popularising a certain dish, or introducing some new foods. Since they involve professional chefs from around the globe, the success depends on the uniqueness of the meals. Generally, the festivals involve close to twenty food-related events, in an effort to cover all the areas.

Initially, people thought that the festivals were only for foodies. However, over the years, the trend changed to include all food lovers, who want to know the new delicacies. Amongst the events that take place are recipe introduction and food competitions. Since they encompass all people including children, many fun activities take place to add up to the delicacies.

The Open Stoves

Open stoves are mainly a Timbre+ host and they involve blends of foods from within and without Singapore. In these events, the organizers combine music and delicacies, to create fun for the whole family. To spice up the dishes, the recipes come from the best of professional chefs in Singapore and the environs. Since they are combinations, this event rocks many guests due to the unique tastes and foods from the stoves plus the cultural live bands.

Generally, the new delicacies involve a mix up of herbs and spices to create a new taste. This being an open festival, guests get to choose between the various stoves, depending on suitability. BBQ kitchens offering recipe demonstrations in a repetitive manner is another venture that makes the Stoves a favourite for many. For drinks, the neon beer pong is a hub for all manner of cocktails and mixes of liquor, from ancient and modern recipes.

The STREAT Event

Singapore Food Festival’s Signature event is another glamorous of the food festival events. From this corner of festivals, the visitors get exposure to dining adventures. Most of the dishes in this event are those from mix up of cultures, especially the Singapore cultures. If you want to get the craziest of recipes, then this is the region to visit.

Due to the nature of delicacies, the event charges a small fee, from which you will enjoy most of the new foods, e.g. seafood delicacies. Since the festival takes place for more than a fortnight, the STREAT event hosts over 20 new stalls, each with some unique food feature. This makes it for foodies or food lovers who want maximal exposure to new recipes.

50 Cents event

This might be the most hilarious of the events. All the delicacies in this event sell at $0.5, regardless of the size or complexity. Initially, this event flocked with kids since it involved products such as ice cream and short-form fries. Over the years, the event has included meals for all ages and diversities of people at the fifty-cent price.

Since the 50-cent trend dates back from the ancient times, this event has most of the ancient recipes. The difference comes in the mode of preparation and therefore the results may have some significant difference. Every year has a new list of delicacies for this event, while maintaining the trending ones.

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